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Sharing Cindy Chapter 35 “Cindy Fights Him, then She Fucks Him”

“Cindy is free to explore all she wants,” I said. 

“And you?Are you free to explore as well? she asked.

I nodded towards her.My mouth was too dry to speak.She smiled at me and turned back to watch what was happening.I turned and watched as the jerk bent down and pulled one of Cindy’s nipples between his lips. She tilted her head back and sighed.Knowing her as well as I did, I could tell that she was very aroused and was ready to watch a good show.She pulled his face off her tits and bent down and kissed him hungrily.Then she pushed him towards her other nipple and forced it into his mouth.She had her fingers buried deep in his hair and was controlling all of his actions.I could tell she had reached the point that nothing could stop her from getting what she wanted.And right now, it was clear she wanted this guy. 

I felt a body press into my shoulder and then I felt warm breath on my ear. “She is very beautiful.” I felt her lips barely brush my ear.It sent a shiver down my spine.“And you are a very handsome man,” I heard as her tongue poked out and trailed around my earlobe.I closed my eyes and surrendered to the sensation.I felt her trail kisses down my neck to the collar of my shirt.Then I felt her hand lightly brush down my arm over my elbow and then down my forearm.Her fingers intertwined with mine and I opened my eyes and turned to look at her. 

She looked back up at me and I leaned in to kiss her.Her full lips were soft, shiny and tasted like strawberries.I licked them and then felt her tongue touch mine.We pressed our lips together and I experienced one of the most erotic kisses ever.I broke away from her and pulled back.I had never been with a woman of color and took a few moments to just look over her smooth light mocha skin.She smiled at me and we shared a few more kisses.

I had almost forgotten about Cindy on the other couch until I heard movement from that direction.Looked over and saw that she had now straddled his lap and was feeding him her tits to suck on.I saw his hands moving under the grass skirt she had on and knew he was feeling her ass.I wondered if he had them underneath the bikini bottom she had on under the skirt. 

“You like to watch your woman with another man? “ Santianna asked me. 

“Oh yes” I replied. “Very much.”

“You watch them.I have something I want to do.” And with that I felt her hands at my belt and then lowering my zipper. 

 I looked down as I saw her hands release my hard dick.She wrapped her hand around it and gave it a couple of pumps before she lowered her head and took it into her mouth.I guess I moaned a little loud as Cindy turned and looked over at me. Her eyes opened wide and then she smiled and winked at me.She then turned back to her guy and I saw her really take control.

She began to really grind her pussy into his lap.Back and forth she pumped her hips, rubbing against what I was certain was one very hard dick.And then I saw her reach back and pull the strings on her bikini top.First she undid the bottom one, and then the top one.She then pulled the top out from between them and leaned back a little. I could see her left tit from the side and I saw her nipple was very hard.She reached up and pulled his head down and fed him her nipple.

I saw Cindy lean back as he sucked on both of her nipples.She seemed to be guiding him and forcing him from one to the other.Then she took her hand, placed it against his chest and pushed him back hard. He seemed shocked at first. She then grabbed both sides of his shirt and ripped it open, sending buttons flying across the room.Damn that was hot. 

She leaned in and began biting his lips, then his neck and finally his nipples.I could tell she was using more than her lips as he jumped a little with each bite.She was being very aggressive and it was fun to watch. 

He reached down and pulled her head up and planted a deep kiss on her.Then I watched as he first ripped the grass skirt off of her and then her bikini bottom. The sound of the fabric ripping sent shivers through me. Or was it the fact that a beautiful woman had my hard cock down her throat? 

Cindy stood and grabbed his belt and yanked him up off the couch by it.She undid his belt and pants and then pushed them down, exposing a hard shaved dick.I don’t shave and I think this was the first time either of us have seen a guy who did.She reached down and with one hand grabbed his balls tightly and with the other she grabbed his head and pulled him down forcefully for another kiss.I could hear them both moan as the passion escalated. 

He pulled away from her and grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around.Then he pushed her back towards the couch, bending her over the arm.He stepped out of his pants and then up behind her. He grabbed her hips, sinking his fingers deep into her flesh and pulled her ass up. I heard her sharp intake of breath and a faint “Oh yes…” slip out of her mouth.Damn this was getting to be very hot to watch. 

He stepped up closer to her and lined up his dick with her pussy.She must have been very wet as he slammed himself deep inside of her in one thrust. 

“OH FUCK!!!!” she yelled as I heard his flesh smack hers.He began to jack hammer her as hard as he could and she was screaming and moaning the whole time. He had her hips tightly in his grip and was hammering her probably harder than anyone I had ever seen before. The sound of their bodies together and her cries filled the room.He was relentless in his movements and I saw one hand slide up off her hip and grab one of her breasts and squeeze it hard.She was panting now.I could hear her getting close to cumming and as she yelled out that she was, I filled Santianna’s mouth with a huge load myself. 

Cindy virtually collapsed onto the couch and his hard cock was pulled free of her.I could tell he wanted to get it back inside as quickly as possible.Just as he stepped close to her again, she opened her eyes and yelled at him, “You bastard!” then stood up and grabbed him by the arm and forced him down on the floor.

Santianna was still licking my cock and I was still as hard as I was when this first started.I looked down at her and she peered up at me with those big brown eyes and smiled around my shaft.Usually I needed some time to recharge, but she continued…….and I let her. 

I turned back to the others and I saw Cindy use her foot against his chest to push him back onto the floor.She kept saying “You bastard” over and over again under her breath.I saw her reach down, take his hard cock in her hand and hold it upright as she then lowered her wet pussy back onto it.She then pinned his arms back and stared down at him.

“I am going to fuck your dick off.I am going to rip it off if you piss me off.Just lie there and shut up” she yelled at him.I don’t think I have ever seen her quite like this.We have had some very rough sex before, but I could tell she was taking out some of her earlier aggression towards him.I was very intrigued to see where this went. 

Cindy then proceeded to ride him like her life depended on it. Her hips were a blur at times.She would pump up and down for a while, then move back and forth and side to side.Once or twice his dick slipped out when she moved too far.She would grab it roughly and almost jam it back inside.I could see her secretions begin to coat his dick.White cream was covering it from the head all the way to his balls.She seemed to have a series of small mini orgasms every so often and would momentarily slow her pace, only to pick back up once they passed.

She finally yelled at him to “play with my tits motherfucker!” and let his arms go.He grabbed them and squeezed them together.Bringing an approving moan from her.I watched as she placed her hands onto his chest and began to rock her hip forward and back, probably finding the exact spot were her clit was pressed against his pubic bone.She began to chant….”yes………..oh yes………….yes…………oh yes…..” Over and over and I watched. 

Santianna then began to circle her finger around my asshole at this pint.I personally do not care for anal play myself and just before I asked her to stop, she pushed it up inside of me to the first knuckle.Oh my god.It felt incredible along with her sucking.I felt the tingle start deep in my balls and knew it would be only a few moments before I blasted another load into her mouth.I focused on Cindy again.

Cindy had climbed to the top and was just reaching the peak right about then.She was screaming“Fuck You Bastard, Fuck You” at this point.And then I watched as her orgasm hit her and her whole body stiffened up.This must have triggered “the Jerk” as he pulled her hips down hard and bellowed out as well.Watcing this was all I needed and I soon filled Santianna’s mouth once again.

I was stroking her hair gently as she licked up every drop.She pulled off of my cock and looked at me. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her in for a deep kiss.I wanted her to know how incredible that blowjob was.When we separated I looked over and saw Cindy collapsed on to of her guy. They were panting and trying to catch their breath.I stood up and went to grab a few bottles of water for all of us.

When I came back, Cindy had pulled a comforter off the couch and had wrapped it around herself.I handed her the bottle and she just looked up at me and smiled meekly and said “wow.” 

“Yeah wow” I said.“That was pretty intense.” 

She laughed and asked if I was Ok.I assured her I was.Then I told her that I had some unfinished business and nodded over towards Santianna.Cindy smiled at me and asked if I wanted to be with her.

“Would it bother you?” I asked.

She turned towards the other guy and then back to me,“I think I can find something to occupy my time.”

I walked over to Santianna and handed her another bottled water.Then I took her hand and pulled her up off the couch, then led her down the hall to one of the other bedrooms.We spent the next few hours getting to know each other better.I returned the favor and had my first taste of Jamaican pussy.We fell asleep to the sounds coming from Sandy’s bedroom and the living room. 
To this day I do not know what the Jerk’s real name was, and to be honest I don’t care.All I know is that he went from being close to getting an ass whipping to playing a part in one of my favorite erotic nights of all time.Thank you, whoever you are.